Turkish restaurant Rotterdam

Turkish restaurant in Rotterdam

On the edge of Zuiderpark in Rotterdam you will find Turkish restaurant NIRVANA. Our chef would like to take you on a sensory journey of the Mediterranean. NIRVANA’s cuisine consists mostly of French dishes with a touch of Turkish and Spanish. Find out more about the atmosphere, dishes and possibilities in our beautiful Turkish restaurant.

A combination of Turkish, French and Spanish cuisine

Our restaurant offers a diverse menu with dishes of Turkish, French and Spanish origin. These dishes can be combined into a 3-course meal of your choosing, which you would never regret.

Not only does restaurant NIRVANA offer course meals, but we also offer shared dining dishes. In this option you will receive a mosaic of starters, entrées and desserts which you can share with your loved ones.

Example Turkish dish
Example Turkish dish
Example Turkish dish


Spotlight on Turkish cuisine

A large part of our menu is based on the Turkish cuisine. Turkish food is a unique experience: the passionate preparation and the wide variety of ingredients combined create a sensory explosion. The menu consists out of, among other things, grilled (halal) meat such as chicken and lamb, stews, delicious seasonal vegetables and fresh fish. And combined with the Turkish, chic interior in our restaurant, this leads to an unforgettable atmosphere. 

An example of a Turkish 3-course meal at restaurant NIRVANA

Nirvana meze plateau 
Soslu Patlican – Hummus – Haydari – Peynir Ezmesi –
Acili Ezme – Gamba’s Piri Piri – Icli Kofte – Borek feta

Piliç Sarmasi
Chicken filet – Ottoman rice- Spaghetti from Courgette and
Carrot – Orange sauce

Havuc Dilimi Baklava
With vanilla ice-cream 

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Nirvana Restaurant Rotterdam
Nirvana Restaurant Rotterdam
Nirvana Restaurant Rotterdam


About restaurant NIRVANA

Restaurant NIRVANA is an atmospheric restaurant at the edge of Zuiderpark in Rotterdam. Our restaurant is opened from Tuesday till Sunday between 11:00 and 22:00, during which you are welcome for a Turkish breakfast, lunch, high tea, party or extensive dinner experience. Our dishes are inspired by Turkish, French and Spanish cuisine and are prepared by our chef Marcel.

Our restaurant can seat up to 240 guests, of which  120 can be seated on our beautiful terrace overlooking Zuiderpark and 120 in our newly renovated restaurant. Every one is welcome: for a romantic dinner of two or with a large group to celebrate a birthday.

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Rent out restaurant Nirvana?

It is possible to (partially) rent out restaurant Nirvana for your parties, just contact us to discuss the possibilities. We have received many requests for baby showers, weddings or birthdays which have successfully taken place at our beautiful restaurant.

Curious to our possibilities concerning parties and other celebrations?

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