Restaurant NIRVANA: at walking distance from Rotterdam Ahoy

Restaurant NIRVANA: at walking distance from Rotterdam Ahoy

Rotterdam Ahoy is a mere 15-minute walk from restaurant NIRVANA. Ahoy is concert and event building where fairs, concerts, congresses and festivals are hosted. Are you planning on visiting an event at Ahoy? Why not combine it with a dinner at NIRVANA Restaurant to complete your experience.

Rotterdam Ahoy

Rotterdam Ahoy is one of the largest event locations in the Netherlands, with over 1,5 million visitors annually. From the start it was known to host some of the biggest international artists, professional athletes, politicians and other public figures. Now, 50 years later, you can still visit Rotterdam Ahoy for various fairs, concerts, congresses and festivals.

Restaurant close by

NIRVANA Restaurant is one of the restaurants closest to Ahoy. Our restaurant can be found on the water in Zuiderpark. In total, NIRVANA Restaurant has room for 240 guests: 120 seats inside our atmospheric restaurant and 120 outside on the terrace.

Our chef would like to take you on a sensory journey of the Mediterranean. NIRVANA’s cuisine consists mostly of French dishes with a touch of Turkish and Spanish.  Enjoy a shared dinner or a three-course menu, our staff will make sure to make it a night to remember!

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Directions from NIRVANA Restaurant

Our restaurant is located at the edge of Zuiderpark, near Ahoy. It is only a 15-minute walk through Zuiderpark to Ahoy. By car it’s a mere 5 minutes.

Directions by car: 4 minutes

  1. From the parking, drive back in the direction of the Oldegaarde
  2. Turn right onto the Oldegaarde (S124)
  3. Take the first right onto the Zuiderparkweg, around the park
  4. After 90 meters, make another right onto the Ahoyweg
  5. You have reached your destination!

Directions by foot: 15 minutes

  1. Walk in North-eastern direction through the park (left turn out of the restaurant)
  2. Continue on this path to the Zuiderparkpad
  3. After 300 meters, turn right to the Carnissepad
  4. Turn right again onto the Zuiderparkweg
  5. Follow this for another 500 meters and turn right to Zuiderparkplein
  6. You have reached your destination!

Place your reservation at NIRVANA

Want to be guaranteed of a spot in our restaurant? Feel free to use our bookingsystem to place a reservation. Restaurant NIRVANA welcomes you from Tuesday till Sunday, from 11:00 – 23:00.

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