New website for NIRVANA Restaurant

New website for NIRVANA Restaurant

Our web designers have been working around the clock to realise our new website for NIRVANA Restaurant. From amazing pictures of our restaurant to new text for the website with information of our services. Why not have a look!

A new appearance

Our website got a complete makeover! The style and the colours have been changed to match the NIRVANA logo and the interior of the restaurant. In addition, the new photos give a better impression of the atmosphere and the interior.


NIRVANA Restaurant is open daily from 11:00 till 23:00. Because of these extensive opening hours we offer varied options in the restaurant. We offer lunch and dinner but it is also possible to come by for coffee or Turkish tea. Aside from this we also offer high teas or high wines.

Are you curious to what NIRVANA has on the menu?

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Online reservations

It is easy to book a table on our website.  Just use the reservation widget which will bring you to the reservations page. Here you can select the preferred time and area for you and your company.

Want to book a table for more than 12 people or want to host a party at NIRVANA? Please feel free to contact us through the contact form, send an E-mail or just call us! We would love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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